Mziuri Ltd.

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Mziuri Ltd. was established in 2004 and is one of the most established and well respected Trading and Distribution Company in Georgia.

The company's main aim is to provide a solid foundation that puts partners in a good position. Mziuri Ltd. cooperates with and is an exclusive distributor of the following well known brands in Eastern Europe: "Oleina", "Razumnica", - Sunflower Oils from Ukraine, Pasta by Brand Names "Makfa", "Smak", – from Russia, chocolate from Switzerland "lindt", coffees from Finland "Paulig" and "Cofi-Cofi" from Malaysia as well as being partners with "Bunge Limited" and have owned exclusive rights to distribute "Bunge Limited's" products since 2004. Apart from distribution, Mziuri Ltd. has operated a production line since 2007, producing Georgian pasta "SoMaRi", using Italian equipment and technologies. Mziuri Ltd. has interests in the retail industry as well and owns retail markets named "Nugeshi" Ltd. (, which currently operates 72 stores in the capital city of Georgia alone. Mziuri Ltd. cooperates with retail store chains all over Georgia such as: "Goodwill",G-Mart, "Smart", "Populi", "Ioli", "Karfur" and many more.

Mziuri Ltd. was built on a very simple belief of treating customers and partners like family.

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