Purchasing & Leasing Guide

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(Revised January 2013)

Space available from 53 sq m. (approximately 570 sq ft).
Finished office space can be provided for a fee*

  • Ceiling (acoustic tile)
  • Floor (laminate)
  • Walls (painted)

Lead time build out - 4-6 weeks (sooner if possible), depending on custom or standard choices.
*If choosing non-standard or additional materials, a special quote is required subject to customary and reasonable office use.

For more information or to discuss individual needs, please contact:

Vakhtang Lashkhi
Finance Manager
+995 570 10 21 90
+995 599 94 60 03

Purchasing Space (expenses)

Maintenance Services and Fees:

The Article in the owner agreement defines communal expenses: “Current Maintenance Service Agreement Regarding Common Service Spaces”, which includes the following:

  • Per sq m charge plus VAT 18% (value added tax) per month
  • Cleaning  of common spaces
  • Maintenance service for electricity and other systems: changing light bulbs, damaged receptacles etc.
  • Technical service for elevators
  • Security service
  • Technical service for central sewage and stream (internal & external drainpipes). Periodic revision: repairing, cleaning etc. 


Center Development Policy

The Mioni Center was established to create an environment in which private business and industry could interact for mutual benefit. The intent of this policy statement is to identify how the Mioni Center can foster positive interactions between its business and industrial partners.

Following are general policy statements that will serve as guidelines concerning the suitability of a particular business or industry for location in the Mioni Center.

  1. The business or industry will preferably have a technical aspect to its character that will suggest an important relationship with one or more of the resident companies.
  2. Limited manufacturing activities are permitted, but there should be a strong technical component to the company’s activity. Examples of such components are: product design, advanced engineering, research and development, and advanced manufacturing technology.
  3. The physical facilities that the company plans to construct in the Mioni Center should be commensurate with those of a technically advanced organization. A Mioni Center committee shall review building plans to determine if the spirit of this policy has been fulfilled.
  4. The Mioni Center views the companies in the Center as partners in a project to develop a technologically advanced community. The Mioni Center will assist potential residents of the Center in developing their plans and choosing the best site that fits the mutual interests of the company and the Center.
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